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Hanuman Mantra


This mantra is a tribute to Lord Hanuman, a devotee of Rama (an avatar of Lord Vishnu). Hanuman is a vanara (a monkey-like humanoid deity), and one of the central characters in the Sanskrit epic Ramayana. There are more temples devoted to Hanuman than any other deity in India.

The character of Hanuman teaches us of the unlimited power that lies unused within each one of us. Hanuman directed all his energies towards the worship of Lord Rama, and his undying devotion made him such that he became free from all physical fatigue.

Hanuman mantras invoke the qualities most lacking in difficult times: courage, physical strength, perseverance. Chanting this mantra brings instant relief from suffering and provides an instant burst of energy and strength.

It is hard to find a mythical character who is at once so powerful, learned, philosophic, humble and amusing! Hanuman features prominently in the great epics of Ramayana and the Mahabharata. Devotees praying Hanuman whole heartedly and continuously will get all knowledge. Their confidence will improve, they will be relieved of all fear and diseases and they will speak fluently.

It is said that a devotee praying Lord Hanuman is equal to praying all the Gods.

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